The objective of this presentation is to study to what extend a PBL learning process helps in concepts acquisition within the framework of an approach based on the principles of Cognitive Psychology, Constructivism and high mental skills.

Any learning approach may turn out to become a technical tool if not rooted in a solid ground of a broad methodological vision of Education. PBL learning process is not an exception.

To what extend a PBL based strategy will help knowledge building?

What are the pre and co requisites for a successful PBL learning process from a cognitive point of view?

Is there any relation between the development aspect at the learners’ level and the PBL strategy implementation?

Finally, this presentation will come with a set of criteria to access the quality of learning on PBL strategies.


PBL, problem based learning, concept acquisition, knowledge, cognitive


Nahas, G. N. (June 30 – July 5, 2008). PBL & Concept Acquisition. In Research Symposium on PBL 2008 & SEFI 36th Annual Conference, UNESCO CHAIR Problem Based Learning. Aalborg University. Denmark.

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