Lebanon presents a unique human environment in the Middle East with its long tradition of conviviality. The new atmosphere prevailing after September 11 has created tensions between, and within, individual countries. Even a place like Lebanon, has not been spared these tensions.

     Within this context, universities in Lebanon, and citing UOB as an example, are trying to overcome these difficulties and to prepare for a more open-minded future. What actions may be taken? Are there any success stories? What are some possible recommendations?

      This presentation will endeavor to answer such questions and to highlight the importance of adopting new approaches to university curricula to overcome this problem and to promote a more tolerant society


Nahas, G. N. (November, 2010). For a culture of dialogue and mutual understanding: a Lebanese case. InSpeaking across borders: the role of higher education in furthering intercultural dialogue. Council of Europe Publishing.

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