This essay is more of a personal testimony than an academic study. I do not intend to undertake a summary or an analysis of the themes of a Council or of the different stages involved in preparing one.[…] My aim is more to trigger a debate about the ideas capable of putting this subject in the consciousness of the Church as the people of God and bearer of the royal priesthood, and to help the preliminary preparatory work to progress in new ways. I will address the following topics:
— personal motivations
— the apostolate / sending out of the church: service and witness
— priorities
— the role of the faithful
— possible actions.


Nahas G. N. (2016). The Pan-Orthodox Council: Suggestions for a Church on the Move. In The Forthcoming Council of the Orthodox Church: Understanding the Challenges. St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly. 60:1-2, (pp. 299-305).

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